What is PAWS?!

PAWS stands for Php Application Work-Shop, but it should also include the item database as it is an application building platform that aims to be an intuitive App builder that works with the MySQL database .

My name is Cor Koelewijn and I am the developer of this tool.
I am a missionary working in Uganda, helping orphans by means of education. Together with my wife Grace we have been assisting orphans in Uganda and we do this by running a Christian boarding-school. It is my task to build these facilities and it is my wife who basically runs the schools.
It is our Dutch / Ugandan mix that makes us a powerful and successful team as it requires the connection with the Ugandan culture and a connection with the European donor culture.

Cor & Grace Koelewijn

PAWS is something that has grown out of a need to register the orphans in our school and connect them with sponsors in Europe. In a school like this there are a lot of things that require storing in an organized way like a database. Previously at my 1st project in Kampala I did this using MS Access which turns out to be rather expensive when you pay all the licenses. In real life in Africa NO ONE buys software, they just copy it. As an educator of young children this disturbed me a lot. so I set out to do the same in open-source software.

This is where I started playing around with php & MySql.

Today we have the beginning of our database and day by day as I spend some more time on it, it grows.

I would like to share with you what I have managed to put together so far and perhaps it can help you too somehow. Perhaps you like to contribute to it and help me somehow, that would be GREAT!

But as an educator, it is my hope that I am able to help someone understand this programing language a little better. Actually, it is my desire at a later time to start teaching the children of our school to start building applications with this tool. You never know, they might even be come very good (better than me!) and make some money with it. That would be my ultimate goal as it would fulfill my ultimate vision. Empowering the next generation of Ugandans.