What is Charity-Ware?

Charity ware is just a name, that’s all. It is basically GPL licensed software, with the hope that the user, who may find the software useful, will make a donation to the charity that the programmer has suggested. In the case of PAWS that is

The programmer, Cor Koelewijn, is the founder of Heart For Children and as a hobby, and as a way of solving a problem where the organization had a need for a database, he build the Php Application WorkShop.

Much of the inspiration comes from working with Microsoft Access in his previous organization where he made it work for the administration of:

  • Personnel
  • Payments
  • Students & orphans
  • Sponsorships
  • The clinic: Medicinal storage, prescriptions, etc.

It is made with the intention of:

  1. Being useful for organization who:
    1. help orphans that are sponsored by individual sponsors
    2. just need some open-sourced database utility that works on an intra-net
      (or even Internet but that’s at your own risk)
  2. A learning tool for students to use as a framework to build database driven apps

Who knows, maybe it is useful for you..?